The Merkury Platform

It’s time for a new enterprise identity solution

Platform Details

Merkury is the only enterprise identity platform that brings together the accuracy and sustainability of client first-party data, quality PII-based, third-party data, and the most cookie-less media and technology platform connections in market. It's also the only platform that let's you grow your own transparent Private Identity Graph.

With an easy-to-use interface for resolving offline and online identity to a single person-based master ID, and features like a privacy-safe data clean room for person-based audience segmentation with modeling and analytics, the power of identity is in your hands. 

Features include:


PII-based, master person IDs with coverage across US consumers and households. Unique identity resolution technology enables private identity graph creation and growth from first-party data and behaviors such as logins, site visits, media reach, outbound email campaigns and more. Transparency and controls provide the ability to understand five levels of person match confidence. This is the key to a wide range of data hygiene, personalization, targeting, and measurement use cases.

A highly accurate, complete understanding of every consumer and your customer universe to power person-based insights, segments, and models. 10,000+ data attributes from PII-based proprietary and branded data sources combined with client-provided first-party CRM and digital data resolved to the Merkury master person ID.

Person ID graph connections, including the most cookie-less media connections in market. An easy-to-use interface for audience creation, sizing, and delivery to media owners, publishers, ad-tech, and martech platforms.

Clean Room
A privacy-safe data environment and analytics tools, with data securely keyed and re-keyed to support cross-channel insights, segmentation and modeling, and person-based measurement use cases.

What it can do:


Lift in media efficiency


Improvement in KPIs from site personalization efforts

In fraudulent media impressions and cookie duplication

Content relevance

Ready to see it for yourself?

Identity is the core differentiator you'll need to deliver the total customer experience. As third-party cookies become obsolete, Merkle brings you the opportunity to get closer to customers.

Reach out to us to learn more about the Merkury platform. We’ll show you how to own identity and turn it into the ultimate competitive advantage.

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