The future of identity is here.

Enabling first-party, cookie-less identity

Merkury enables marketers, media owners, and publishers to own, build, and control a cookie-less Private Identity Graph. Merkury uses an organization’s first-party CRM data and valuable interactions such as logins, outbound email campaigns and media reach to create and grow a universe of person-based IDs for cross-channel targeting, personalization, measurement and more.
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PII-based person ID; all US consumers and households


Third-party data sources + first-party CRM and digital data resolved and linked to person ID


Person ID graph connections. Interface for audience creation, addressable sizing, and audience delivery

Clean Room

Privacy-safe analytics environment and tools. Data securely keyed and re-keyed to person IDs

The future of identity is here

Some ways that Merkury shines

  • Clean and link offline and digital records for databases, data lakes, and technology platforms
  • Turn anonymous site, media, and email engagements into cookie-less IDs of consumers
  • Enhance cookie-less IDs with high quality, person-based data for insights, segments and models
  • Deliver personalized, cross-channel experiences across media, site, service and more
  • Measure at the person level for improved attribution and privacy-safe closed-loop analysis
  • Enable customized call center scripts based on previous audience model scores or behaviors
  • For media owners and publishers, future-proof ad products and media monetization efforts



Lift in media efficiency


Improvement in KPIs from site personalization efforts

In fraudulent media impressions and cookie duplication

Content relevance

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Merkle Launches An Identity Solution As The Industry Weans Off Cookies

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Identity is the core differentiator you'll need to deliver the total customer experience. As third-party cookies become obsolete, Merkle brings you the opportunity to get closer to customers.

Reach out to us to learn more about the Merkury platform. We’ll show you how to own identity and turn it into the ultimate competitive advantage.

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